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Recent Lolita Pics

So I didn't end up having a loli day today, but I will tomorrow^^ I wanted to put my hair in pincurls like how carnet_atelier  did in her tutorial on the subject (link here), but I got lazy and now I probably won't do it ^^;;

Today I'm going to post the various loli outfits I've worn thus far. Most are casual because I don't have too many clothes yet. The same white skirt will keep popping up because that's the only casual-ish skirt I own xD

First Day As A Lolita

Unfortunately you can't see my socks and shoes. Here is the lineup:
headdress: Closet Child (BtSSB)
shirt: Bodyline
skirt: BtSSB
bag: Closet Child (Meta)
socks (not pictured): Meta
shoes (not pictured): an-ten-na

More pics:

a better view of the  headdress. It's a pity that they seem to be going out of style (or so I hear)~ I think they're really cute <3

the only thing poofier than me is totoro

First Day As A Casual Loli

shirt: mom's
vest: don't remember
skirt: Violet Blue in Nagoya (Meta)
peds: somewhere in Japan~~ they're everywhere!!
shoes: ABC Mart in Moto-machi, Yokohama

Grandma's Surprise Party

bow: BtSSB
vest & shirt: don't remember
skirt: Violet Blue in Nagoya (Meta)
stockings: don't remember
shoes: an-ten-na

typical lolita shoe shot

I'm free!

That Day We Didn't Go To The Beach / Pre- Lilly's Goodbye Party

bow: BtSSB
shirt: Closet Child (Jane Marple)
vest: don't remember
skirt: Violet Blue in Nagoya (Meta)
stockings: Shibuya 109 Tower
shoes: an-ten-na
umbrella: somewhere in arashiyama, kyoto
bag: somewhere in moto-machi, yokohama

You can't see it in these pics but both the bag and the umbrella have kitties on them <3
Also note the change in hair~ bangs look better for these kinds of outfits ^_^


Not Really Loli - But Cute (And I Was Wearing A Petticoat)

headdress: Closet Child (Meta)
undershirt, dress: don't remember
belt: mom's
peds: somewhere in japan
shoes: ABC Mart in motomachi, yokohama</lj>


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