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Beginning Thoughts~

Welcome to Lolli's Loli Life (yay for alliteration)! This is more an introduction for myself than for anyone else. I started getting into lolita fashion a few months ago when I decided to dress in lolita for prom. I felt like a happy cupcake all night and immediately learned as much as I could about all things lolita. In July, during my trip to Japan (detailed on my other account, meowypurr), I visited many lolita shops and felt as if I'd been transported to a different world filled with frilliness and cupcakes. I decided to start this blog so I would have a place for my lolita musings.

I think all styles of lolita a beautiful looking, but the styles I feel are most reflective of my nature are Casual, Classic, Country, Shiro, and Sweet, espcially Classic. I don't have many clothes yet, but I plan to build my wardrobe in the next few months (gives me motivation to find a job!). My favorite motifs are strawberries, cherries, cupcakes, and roses.

I don't know how to sew, and I don't know how to cook, but the loli world has inspired me to learn a little about each~! I really want to learn how to embroider, and I want to learn how to make heathy tea party snacks (as well as healthy lolita meals- if those exist xD )

It's late and I have a loli gathering to attend tomorrow~ so I will post more later.

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