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A Very Loli Summer

So many things have happened this summer! I haven't bought any new brand stuff because I simply don't have the funds (hoping to get a job soon!) but I've been able to come up with a lot of outfits with mostly offbrand clothes =) Here are some of my loli outfits of the past few weeks.

I went to the liberty island meet in August. It was so much fun! I can't wait to go to more meets. Unfortunately my camera's batteries died so I didn't take many of my own pictures, but here are a couple that other people took:

skirt: BtSSB
socks: Meta
shoes: an-ten-na
everything else: offbrand

Went to a wedding! unfortunately I took my socks and shoes off before my mom took the pic. The socks were dark bluish-greenish.

head bow: BtSSB
shirt: H&M
skirt: BtSSB
shoes (not pictured): an-ten-na
everything else: offbrand

The Day After the Wedding. Lolita 2 days in a row!

headdress: ITS
shirt: some vintage store
skirt: Closet Child (Meta)
stockings: Shibuya 109
shoes: an-ten-na

The Grand Finale! Just about all of this is offbrand. And finally, a new skirt!

headdress: ITS
necktie: handmade
vest: H&M
skirt: self-customized
everything else: offbrand

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