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Lolita Haitus~

Tomorrow I will go to China and study there for 6 months. I will likely have limited access to LJ there (since it is banned and I will have to use a proxy), and I'm not planning on dressing loli there anyway (for a number of reasons). I am bringing my blouses and socks, but the pettis and skirts are staying behind. I may find loli stores in China, so perhaps there will be a few updates here and there. But mostly I'll be gone until July =] The link to my travelblog is http://meowypurr.livejournal.com.

See ya!


Serenaxiyade's Post on daily_lolita

Alina (serenaxiyade ) and I pranced around Ft. Tryon Park on Monday and had a Winter Loli photoshoot. It was quite lovely =D You can read about it and see the pictures here. A lot of the daily_lolita -ers seemed to not like Alina's shirt, but I love it =D yay for flow-y sleeves! After the photoshoot we went home and attempted to make homemade bubble tea (and sort of failed the tapioca part), and we watched the Death Note Special subbed in Italian because we couldn't find one with english subtitles (hurr...)


My skirt came in from Innocent World!! I got the Classical Cat skirt. It's too small, but exercise + alterations will fix that =D There's no way I'm giving this up. It's beautiful.

I also impulse-bought a blouse, backpack, and headdress from Metamorphose today. x) The blouse is an inch too small on each shoulder, but I think it will still fit. I SWEAR, this is the last time I will buy any lolita clothing for a few months (except maybe something cheap from Westend in Shanghai). I've spent too much the past few weeks xD But I'm so happy!!!!


Long Time No Post!

I've been loli-ing it up quite a bit lately, but I haven't been taking any pics, so I can't post much here.
Recent escapades have included the NYC Booze&Virgins meet up, to which I wore shiro-loli; the 3rd day of Blipfest, to which I wore my new favorite combo of colors: blue X pink !!!

And I seem to be wearing loli a lot when I hang out with friends.
In the week leading up to halloween, I worked at a halloween costume store, so I got to wear loli on the job! Sorry for the grainy-ness/blurriness of the photos:
I thought that since it was a halloween store, after all, I might as well put bunny ears on, even though it did make people think I was from Alice and Wonderland

...well maybe I shouldn't blame them for thinking I was from Alice and Wonderland...

Outfit rundowns:

1st Pic~~
headdress: In the Starlight
shirt: Bodyline
bustier: Tripp NYC
skirt: Bodyline
stockings: don't remember
shoes: An-ten-na (as always....)

2nd Pic~~
bunny ears: Ricky's NYC
hairbow: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
skirt: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
socks: Bodyline
shoes: An-ten-na
everything else: offbrand

And here is a complementary poof pic:

Ice-skating @ Bryant Park!! I wish I had white skates though. Bright blue isn't really rocking the outfit x)

In other loli-news, I am annoyed because the two articles of clothing I have from Bodyline - shirt and skirt - both malfunctioned on the same day recently. Oh well. I guess that's why Bodyline is cheaper xD No matter, though. The malfunctions (detached button on the shirt and broken clip that attaches the bow to the skirt) are entirely fixable

I also bought some new clothes. A matching bow and skirt from ITS, and a black shirt (with detachable sleeves!) that also is from ITS. I am mostly satisfied with the purchases, except that they are a bit big on me...
that's not something I usually find with loli clothes! My aunt, who happens to be a seamstress, is fixing up the black shirt so I don't look like an enormous poofy black marshmellow (burned from the fire?) when wearing it. So next time I order from ITS I will get a smaller size~

I am also waiting on a blouse from Blasphemina's Closet, which is taking a really long time to get here, but I trust that it will get here at some point. And... I splurged and bought a skirt from Innocent World (through Celga) !!!!! It was pretty expensive (especially with exchange rate and shipping and service fee and everything), but I think it will be worth it~~~ I'm very excited about it.

Unfortunately I won't be able to get many more lolita clothes for the time being, since I'm not making as much money as I'd like. I'm thinking of getting one more blouse, but that's pretty much it. Maybe bloomers, since ITS has ones that are relatively cheap. I will be getting new boots though (since the zippers on my old ones broke), and I will make sure that they are loliable.


A Very Loli Summer

So many things have happened this summer! I haven't bought any new brand stuff because I simply don't have the funds (hoping to get a job soon!) but I've been able to come up with a lot of outfits with mostly offbrand clothes =) Here are some of my loli outfits of the past few weeks.

I went to the liberty island meet in August. It was so much fun! I can't wait to go to more meets. Unfortunately my camera's batteries died so I didn't take many of my own pictures, but here are a couple that other people took:

skirt: BtSSB
socks: Meta
shoes: an-ten-na
everything else: offbrand

Went to a wedding! unfortunately I took my socks and shoes off before my mom took the pic. The socks were dark bluish-greenish.

head bow: BtSSB
shirt: H&M
skirt: BtSSB
shoes (not pictured): an-ten-na
everything else: offbrand

The Day After the Wedding. Lolita 2 days in a row!

headdress: ITS
shirt: some vintage store
skirt: Closet Child (Meta)
stockings: Shibuya 109
shoes: an-ten-na

The Grand Finale! Just about all of this is offbrand. And finally, a new skirt!

headdress: ITS
necktie: handmade
vest: H&M
skirt: self-customized
everything else: offbrand

Little Bo Peep

Yesterday I met up with my friend serenaxiyade  and we paraded around Chinatown together dressed in loli. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures =( But, we went to Elizabeth Center, which is an excellent source for lolita accessories! (because everything is cute and asian) I saw so many little plastic fruits and cakes and stuff. I bought a blue and white flower headband, a strawberry bobby pin, and a blue flower bobby pin. Afterwards we went to Chinatown Fair arcade so I could DDR while dressed up >:D

We went back to serenaxiyade 's house and obsessed over lolita/japan stuff for a while. Then my friend gave me instructions on how to sew a simple necktie thingy! I am so excited to try it~

When I was on the train, someone said I looked like Little Bo Peep, which I thought was cute. It's better than being called a maid ^_^

Short post today^^

Recent Lolita Pics

So I didn't end up having a loli day today, but I will tomorrow^^ I wanted to put my hair in pincurls like how carnet_atelier  did in her tutorial on the subject (link here), but I got lazy and now I probably won't do it ^^;;

Today I'm going to post the various loli outfits I've worn thus far. Most are casual because I don't have too many clothes yet. The same white skirt will keep popping up because that's the only casual-ish skirt I own xD

First Day As A Lolita

Unfortunately you can't see my socks and shoes. Here is the lineup:
headdress: Closet Child (BtSSB)
shirt: Bodyline
skirt: BtSSB
bag: Closet Child (Meta)
socks (not pictured): Meta
shoes (not pictured): an-ten-na

More pics:

a better view of the  headdress. It's a pity that they seem to be going out of style (or so I hear)~ I think they're really cute <3

the only thing poofier than me is totoro

First Day As A Casual Loli

shirt: mom's
vest: don't remember
skirt: Violet Blue in Nagoya (Meta)
peds: somewhere in Japan~~ they're everywhere!!
shoes: ABC Mart in Moto-machi, Yokohama

Grandma's Surprise Party

bow: BtSSB
vest & shirt: don't remember
skirt: Violet Blue in Nagoya (Meta)
stockings: don't remember
shoes: an-ten-na

typical lolita shoe shot

I'm free!

That Day We Didn't Go To The Beach / Pre- Lilly's Goodbye Party

bow: BtSSB
shirt: Closet Child (Jane Marple)
vest: don't remember
skirt: Violet Blue in Nagoya (Meta)
stockings: Shibuya 109 Tower
shoes: an-ten-na
umbrella: somewhere in arashiyama, kyoto
bag: somewhere in moto-machi, yokohama

You can't see it in these pics but both the bag and the umbrella have kitties on them <3
Also note the change in hair~ bangs look better for these kinds of outfits ^_^


Not Really Loli - But Cute (And I Was Wearing A Petticoat)

headdress: Closet Child (Meta)
undershirt, dress: don't remember
belt: mom's
peds: somewhere in japan
shoes: ABC Mart in motomachi, yokohama</lj>

Beginning Thoughts~

Welcome to Lolli's Loli Life (yay for alliteration)! This is more an introduction for myself than for anyone else. I started getting into lolita fashion a few months ago when I decided to dress in lolita for prom. I felt like a happy cupcake all night and immediately learned as much as I could about all things lolita. In July, during my trip to Japan (detailed on my other account, meowypurr), I visited many lolita shops and felt as if I'd been transported to a different world filled with frilliness and cupcakes. I decided to start this blog so I would have a place for my lolita musings.

I think all styles of lolita a beautiful looking, but the styles I feel are most reflective of my nature are Casual, Classic, Country, Shiro, and Sweet, espcially Classic. I don't have many clothes yet, but I plan to build my wardrobe in the next few months (gives me motivation to find a job!). My favorite motifs are strawberries, cherries, cupcakes, and roses.

I don't know how to sew, and I don't know how to cook, but the loli world has inspired me to learn a little about each~! I really want to learn how to embroider, and I want to learn how to make heathy tea party snacks (as well as healthy lolita meals- if those exist xD )

It's late and I have a loli gathering to attend tomorrow~ so I will post more later.

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